conveyor for trays

The project:  a conveyor for aluminum trays for food packaging The demands: we were requested by Mr. Roni Ben-Zion, from Yad-Haruzim - machine design, to help design a conveyor for aluminum trays in 2 different sizes The trays were supposed to be loaded with food product & automatically packaged The solution: we offered a 100mm wide timing belt with holes to put special nuts in dense opening. Special SS angles were attached to the nuts and created 2 sized cells in which the trays were put. The conveyor movement is smooth & continuous with high credibility

Robot Track

The project: planning a custom made robot track The demands: the challenge was to plan a track that would be light & strong at the same time & won't slide of the wheels The solution: planning & manufacturing of a special robot track with clits. The robot track was very light so the robot could climb steps & move in mud, water, gravel & other obstacles